Australia Post Outrage – Postman Cops Fine Riding Bike on Footpath

How a postman was busted by police for riding his bike on the FOOTPATH

Could this change the way is delivered in Australia forever?

Here’s what happened:

  • Postie was fined for riding his bike on the foothpath delivering mail
  • ‘I just told him straight out: “if I can’t ride on the footpath, I can’t do my job’
  • THEN the police officer fined him for parking his bike on path outside post office
  • Cop argued the postman could not show him an Australia Post identity card
  • ‘The bike was loaded with mail, you’d think that’d be enough,’ said post office
  • A magistrate dismissed the two offences at Wyong Local Court last week

A police officer fined postman Michael Jackson for riding his motorbike on the footpath - in a move slammed as 'absolutely ridiculous'

A police officer fined postman Michael Jackson for riding his motorbike on the footpath – in a move slammed as ‘absolutely ridiculous’

The Postman Fined

An ‘arrogant’ policeman has fined a postman for riding his motorbike on the footpath in a move slammed as ‘absolutely ridiculous’.

Mick Jackson was delivering mail in Mannering Park, on the New South Wales Central Coast, last December when the officer stopped him.

It was just three days before Christmas but the cop clearly had little festive spirit on hand – bizarrely booking Mr Jackson for the offence of ‘drive on footpath’.

‘I just told him straight out: “if I can’t ride on the footpath, I can’t do my job,’ Mr Jackson said.

Australia Post workers are exempt from New South Wales laws banning drivers from the footpath provided they follow certain rules

 Australia Post workers are exempt from New South Wales laws banning drivers from the footpath provided they follow certain rules.

Falling on Deaf Ears

He was riding a traditional Australia Post red motorbike, wearing his regulation hi-vis and carrying mail and parcels at the time. But his argument fell on deaf ears. 

The officer even followed him back to the post office and fined him a second time for parking his bike on the footpath outside.

The $330 fine for the path-driving offence arrived in the post a month later.

Mr Jackson warned that the police officer’s actions could ‘affect all posties’.

‘Australia Post has been around for a long time and they ride on the footpath, unfortunately,’ he said.

‘What choice do you have? 

‘The letterbox ain’t on the on the side of the road like they are overseas, so you just don’t have a choice.’

Mr Jackson was wearing his regulation helmet, hi-vis and riding an Australia Post bike at the time (stock photo)

Mr Jackson was wearing his regulation helmet, hi-vis and riding an Australia Post bike at the time (stock photo)

Daily Mail Australia understands police justified issuing fines because neither the contractor or post office provided the officer with formal identification.

But Mannering Park post office licensee Kristina Budden said the office did not have identity cards for its delivery men.

‘The bike was loaded with mail, you’d think that’d be enough,’ she said.

Mr Jackson, a casual staffer, took the matter to court and the offences of ‘drive on footpath’ and ‘stop on path/in built up area’ were dismissed by Magistrate Peter Feather last Monday.

‘It was a win for common sense,’ said his solicitor, Doug Eaton from Effective Legal Solutions.

The offences against Mr Jackson were dismissed on Monday - six months after the fines were issued

The offences against Mr Jackson were dismissed on Monday – six months after the fines were issued

Magistrate Feather told the court the police officer must have been having a ‘bad day’.

Mr Jackson was contracted as an Australia Post licensee. An Australia Post spokesman said contractors and employees have the same right to drive on the footpath.

A NSW Police Force spokeswoman declined to comment.

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The Facts

Postal bikes have long been a familiar sight on footpaths throughout Australia. The rules vary slightly from state to state.

 Under New South Wales law, the drivers of postal vehicles are exempt from laws banning driving on a path, provided:

‘1. the vehicle is a motor bike having an engine capacity of no more than 110 millilitres, and

2. the vehicle is being driven at a speed not exceeding 10 kilometres per hour.’

Mr Jackson was riding a regulation Honda CT110 at the time he was pulled over. 

Daily Mail Australia understands the police officer later claimed he was riding too fast, which Mr Jackson disputed, claiming he had gone ‘three metres’. 

He was also fined for failing to clip up his helmet.  


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Regional NSW have the Best Restaurants

Molines Bistro, Tallavera Grove at Mt View

WHEN it comes to quality dining, there’s no shortage of venues in Sydney to head for a fantastic foodie experience.

In recent years, however, more and more high-end restaurants have popped up throughout regional NSW as chefs attracted by the idea of being closer to where their produce comes from and the lifestyle they can enjoy in country and coastal areas flee the city.

For many, the opportunity to grow their own vegetables just outside the kitchen door also appeals.

Ms Chipchase says a lot of talented chefs who grew up in regional areas also head home to open their own restaurants after spending a few years in Sydney learning the trade.

Across the board diners are also becoming more discerning, which leads to greater competition in the industry.

“Expectations are a lot higher thanks to TV cooking programs, online forums and so on,” Ms Chipchase says.

Feedback from Tourism Australia’s recent Restaurant Australia campaign, in which top chefs, critics and food bloggers from around the world were invited Down Under to try our food offerings, had been overwhelmingly positive, according to Ms Chipchase.

“They were delighted and, in many cases, surprised not only at the quality and wealth of fresh produce but the innovation and combinations presented,” she says.

Chef Stefano Manfredi and restaurateur Julie Manfredi Hughes have been running restaurants under the Manfredi brand for two decades.

Apart from Balla at The Star, Manfredi looks after John Singleton’s Bells at Killcare restaurant.

The elegant Manfredi at Bells sits in the Manor House overlooking the gardens and Manfredi’s ever-expanding veggie patch — which now takes up 500 sqm.

Other local produce includes Hawkesbury River oysters and MacMasters Beach crays, Gundooee Wagyu beef and Bangalow Sweet Pork from the Northern Rivers.

Hospitality supplies companies have been excited about the latest signs of improvement in the Restaurant industry, to cook good food, you need to have good cooking equipment.


Website crashes as Jonah Lomu fans Givealittle

Mourned: Jonah Lomu, pictured in Auckland in 2011.

 Johah Lomu, an inspiration to us all, you will be missed…

A fundraising page set up by Jonah Lomu’s widow in honour of his legacy has crashed New Zealand’s Givealittle website.

Nadene Lomu started a fundraising page to support her husband’s legacy on Thursday.

She posted a link to the page on her own Facebook page saying her heart was broken, as well as on the official Jonah Lomu Facebook page.

​She wrote that the vision which she and her husband had together would be possible through support.

Givealittle confirmed there was a relationship between their website being down and the publishing of the fundraising page for Jonah Lomu.

Thousands have shared and commented on the post

“Jonah and I had big plans to make a difference in the world with all that he learnt and for the great husband, father inspiration and icon to the world he will always be and with that as a team together we were going to build a lasting legacy”

Read more:

House to be ‘completely demolished’

Clap of thunderThe State Emergency Services were called out to a local residence in Saratogo at 7:00 am on Tuesday to help with a property where the roof had collapsed

It was like a War Zone, says Bayard Atkinson.

The lady was evacuated from her property, emergency services inspected nearby properties where severe damage had also resulted in further evacutations being needed in the area.

The Davistown area took a severe beating from the heavy rains and gale force winds resulting in large trees falling down throughout the suburbs of Saratoga and Davistown, one particularly large tree resulted in blocking the intersection of Davistown Rd, and Malumba Ave.

In particular DONNA LEATON and her three daughters had a narrow escape when a huge tree fell and demolished their Saratoga home as they slept.

“It was probably about 3.30am or so and I was woken by what was a large clap of thunder,” Ms Leaton said.

“It was storming and the wind was howling.”

“But then I heard the sound of tiles breaking and, all of a sudden, debris was falling all over me.”

Struggling to understand what was happening, Ms Leaton scrambled from her bed to find a huge tree had fallen and demolished the roof, causing extensive damage.

“I found my daughter Georgie, 16, who had been asleep in another bedroom and it took us a few moments to realise what had happened and that we were both safe,” Ms Leaton said.

Meanwhile, Ms Leaton’s other daughters Holly, 15, and Meg, 14, had been sleeping in a granny flat at the rear of the property.

“The noise woke the other girls and all they could see was a huge tree covering the house and no sign of me or Georgie,” she said.

“They were terrified and called for an ambulance.

“Georgie and I had to climb through the branches of the tree out the back door to get out of the house and it was very emotional when we realised all four of us were safe.”

The granny flat was undamaged.

Ms Leaton and her daughters fled to the nearby home of her ex-husband where they took refuge for several hours.

“I was in shock — I didn’t even think to call anyone,” Ms Leaton said.

“All I could think of was — we’re all safe, we’re all safe.”

Ms Leaton has only owned the house since February and had begun work on adding to renovations the previous owner had started.

“We are insured but all that really matters is that none of us was hurt,” she said.


Gosford City Council votes to sell off Kibbleplex site

If you have been anxiously waiting for an update on the Federal Government Kibbleplex development plans, well the news is that the Gosford City Council has voted strongly in favour of selling the Kibbleplex development site in the CBD, if it meets market value.

It was originally promised as an education and learning centre, including a ‘smart work hub’, the dream of Kibbleplex has become a nightmare.Once destined to be at the core of the Federal Government’s growth plans for the Central Coast, the Kibbleplex development could be headed for rubble in its immediate future.

Council last night voted to sell the site and adjoining block, with the costs of refurbishing the building making it an unviable investment.The multi-storey car park currently houses the city’s smart work hub, but is not the preferred venue for the Gosford library as initially planned.

Should ugliness be illegal?

Aeroplane-in-backyardShould ugliness be illegal?

The things that some people have to put up with is amazing. I can’t imagine what it would be like walking out into my backyard and having to stare at some old wreck of an aeroplane beaming down through the neigbours backyard.

Do your neighbours have the right to keep an old aeroplane in their backyard, even if it assails your eyes?

NSW MPs wrestled with these and other vexed questions during a parliamentary inquiry into rubbish disposal on private land, which has called for greater council powers, a new hoarding hotline and better clean-ups of illegal drug labs.

The lower house inquiry heard “compelling and emotional” evidence of the angst brought upon residents by waste on neighbouring properties.

It included the case of a resident who kept a “derelict” aircraft in a backyard for five years. A neighbour described his family’s suffering “due to the ever-present nature of a large unsightly object which … overwhelmed their property”.

Another landowner complained of neighbours who hoarded domestic waste, filling their front and back yards to fence height. The local council reportedly advised it could not intervene. The waste eventually caught fire, badly damaging both homes.

Waste is an irksome issue for councils: Warringah Council reported receiving more than 200 complaints in a single year about overgrown vegetation, stockpiles of building materials and cars.

Councils can compel clean-ups on heath, safety or environmental grounds. But Shannon McKiernan of Gosford City Council argued local government should not be “the pretty police”.

Resident pressure cleaning central coast company confirmed that there are plenty of properties that could do with a major clean-up.

NSW Council for Civil Liberties board member Martin Bibby cited 19th century English philosopher John Stuart Mill, saying power should be exercised against a citizen’s will only “to prevent harm to others”.

The five-member committee of mostly Coalition MPs found that ugly properties could cause “stress and loss of enjoyment of life” for onlookers.

Councils can order landholders to remove or screen “unsightly” material if it can be seen from a public place. The report recommended this power be extended to material that affects private properties.

It also called for a sliding scale of penalties to better match the offence, and clearer definitions of what constitutes waste.

In the case of serious hoarding, in which mental disorders are often involved, the inquiry found regulation alone was not the answer. It called for a broad response involving councils, government agencies, social services and residents, plus dedicated funding and a phone hotline to advise those managing the problem.

Wyong Shire Council also presented data it claimed showed the state government’s waste levy on material entering landfill was driving up rates of illegal dumping – a claim disputed by the Environment Protection Authority.

The inquiry found that councils were often left with the task of cleaning up toxic, illegal drug labs after emergency services had left, despite not having the expertise or resources. It said the EPA should take responsibility for the clean-ups.

The government is due to respond to the recommendations by December.

SMH News

Passerby To The Rescue in crossbow and axe attack on NSW Central Coast

Passerby To The Rescue

This could have quite easily ended a lot worse if it hadn’t been for the kind person that risked their own life to help this elderly victim.

Both victim and laptop are said to be recovering well.

A laptop and passerby have helped save a man who was attacked with a crossbow and axe on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Police said the 56-year-old man was standing in the driveway of his Somersby home when a crossbow was shot at him on Tuesday afternoon.

The bolt narrowly missed the man, instead hitting his laptop, before the attacker allegedly smashed an axe into the victim’s head.

A passerby then came to the rescue, bringing the attack to a halt, before the assailant was arrested by police.

The attack happened on Dawson Drive at 1:30pm.

Acting inspector John Goddard said: “The crossbow hit the laptop that the male was carrying.

“Police will then allege the male [perpetrator] then ran at the victim, striking him in the head with an axe.

“A short struggle ensued until another man who was at the location assisted the older man.

“The male [victim] was conveyed to hospital where he received stitches for a head wound before being released from hospital.”

ABC News

It’s no Beauty Contest, but we still take the Victory…

Hayne runs the ball over the dead ball lineSo Finally the Blues Have something to Cheer About..

For every NSW supporter watching the State of Origin, this was a very special night, see the highlights from the excerpt below:

It’s usual for a famous Origin victory to be sealed by crashing across an opponent’s try line, not scurrying behind your own so the mean men in maroon can’t have the ball.ABC New South Wales Evenings presenter Dominic Knight shares his opinion on the Blues’ Origin win.

The Blues’ fullback proved last night that while regular aeroplanes might not work in reverse, Hayne Planes certainly do.

But we NSW supporters will take the win that Jarryd Hayne’s strategic retreat – and of course his try saving tackle on Sam Thaiday – secured.

In fact, the Blues would have taken pretty much anything that sealed Origin 2014 on home soil, and not required us to travel north for a decider at that cauldron of northern – well, I’m not going to say “hate”, but only because it doesn’t seem strong enough a word for tens of thousands of seething Queenslanders.

And take it we did after what was surely one of the most lacklustre games in the series for many years.

Stole it, really, since neither team played like the champions of Origins past.

For long periods, neither team managed to do much when they had the ball, simply mucking around for a bit and then yielding the ball via a handling error or lacklustre kick.

Many Origin games are packed with of moments of explosive brilliance – this one was a grind, and a coarse one at that.

Thanks to our sponsors at sporting sponsors such as Adidas,, Reebok, ASICS, and PUMA.

Police investigating shooting and attempted ATM robbery at Lake Macquarie make breakthrough, arrest three.

ATM Robbery Attempt – Lake Macquarie, Central Coast

As the saying goes…. Crime doesn’t pay.

Three people have been arrested over a shooting and attempted ATM robbery at Lake Macquarie, near Newcastle.

Police allege four men tried to use a 4WD to steal an ATM from Cooranbong shopping centre in the early hours of February 7.

When someone drove into the carpark their attempt was abandoned.

Detective Superintendent Murray Chapman say when the group drove off a shot was allegedly fired at the witness’s car.

“The fact that they attempted to commit the offence is very serious and what must not be lost is that their actions on that morning of discharging a firearm at a member of the public is the most serious of allegations.”

Strike Force Knead was set up to investigate and after appealing for public information, police yesterday searched four properties across the Central Coast.

Two men, aged 21 and 25, and a 21-year-old woman were arrested.

Central Coast Business Review – Regional industrial, retail, property and tourism news.

TIN Surveyors LogoTrehy Ingold Neate Medium Business of the Year

Adopting a one-stop shop, holistic approach, five departments work collaboratively to offer the full spectrum of land development services including surveying,engineering design, planning, drafting, project management and strata certification.

Commentingon their success, Director, Michael Neate said, Our sales graph for the periodfrom 2007 -2012 shows that we managed to sustain and even increase our revenuein 2011 post GFC. Importantly, we have also retained our staff members, a fact we are very proud of and believe few in this industry could attest to.

Kellie Hassab, Director said, We were so proud to be announced as winner of the Central Coast Excellence in Medium Business Award. The award is a significant milestone in our companys 32 yearhistory and a great recognition for the companys past and present Directorsand staff members. We really enjoyed the challenge of reviewing our business and taking the time to stop, assess, reflect on and be proud of our achievements.

Visit the Trehy Inold Neate Central Surveyors Company Website

Google: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores [Study]

Central Coast SEO Updates.

Local Central Coast SEO company reveal the real benefits of how customers act after local search from their tablet or smartphone..

Searches with local intent are more likely to lead to store visits and sales within a day. New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search, while 34 percent of consumers on tablets or computers will go to a store.

And Google says these people are ready to buy once they are in a store, as 18 percent of local searches lead to sales, compared to 7 percent for non-local searches.

Google’s new studylooks at local search intent and resulting action – what information people seek when they perform a local search or are on a particular device, and how that affects their decisions and purchasing behavior.

Participants in this study voluntarily completed an online survey or logged their smartphone search and in-store activities via a mobile diary.

What Google found was that four out of five people surveyed used search engines to conduct local searches. Eighty-eight percent used smartphones and 84 percent used a computer or tablet.

These people are searching for business hours, directions to a local store, product availability, or the local store address, according to the study.

Consumers said they would buy in the store versus online if they:

And 15 percent of in-store activities involved smartphone searches about a product or price comparison.

When it comes to how users interact with local-focused pay-per-click ads, more than 60 percent in the study said they used the local information found in an ad. Of that local info:

To improve the ad experience, those surveyed said they wanted ads customized to their location. Seventy percent of computer and tablet users and 61 percent of smartphone users said they want ads customized to their immediate surroundings.

Local ads can also capture customers unexpectedly. Nineteen percent of the people studied made unplanned visits to a store and made a purchase as a result of a location-based advertisement.

For more information on how to rank your website for local search results visit the website:


Nokia Lumia 520 Stops A Bullet, Saves A Police Officer

This looks like a job for the Gadget Doctor

We all put our phones in different places on our person. Some people prefer keeping it in their pockets on the side, some prefer keeping it at the back, some prefer putting it in their shirt pocket.

Others factor keeping it in a bag. Well it turns out that one off-duty policeman’s choice to put his Nokia Lumia 520 in his back pocket might have saved him from serious injury.

According to a report by Brazilian newspaper,, and off-duty Sao Paulo policeman was visiting his family, whom at that time were held hostage and was being robbed by armed criminals.

Upon seeing the policeman, they shot at him. One shot missed him but the other caught him in the buttocks where his Lumia 520 took the brunt of the damage, thus leaving him relatively unscathed.

The good news is that while the police officer was not injured, the robbers managed to get away with stolen cellphones, watches, jewelry, and money. This isnt the first time weve heard of our phones saving lives.

In the past we have come across stories in which our phones took bullets for us and in one instance, saved a soldier from potential injury by taking shrapnel from a bomb.

We have to wonder if Microsoft, Nokias new owner, will be sending his police officer a brand new phone. After all it does make for great publicity, doesnt it?


getimageRYAN Tandy’s former coach Jamie Feeney paid tribute to the uncompromising front-rower on Monday.

Feeney coached Tandy at the Central Coast Storm, before the Melbourne Storm called him up to play in the National Rugby League.

He said he was “shocked and saddened’’ to hear of Tandy’s death.

“He was a leader of our team,’’ Feeney recalled. “He was a little bit old school, that tough front-rower who wouldn’t take a backward step for anybody.’’

Tandy, 32, played his junior football with the Kincumber Colts, before moving on to play for St Edwards.

Kincumber club president Dennis Wagner was shocked by Tandy’s death.

“I spoke to him a couple of months ago and thought things were looking up for him,’’ Wagner said.

Police believe the most likely cause of Tandy’s death was an overdose of prescription drugs.

While Tandy was a known drug user, sources have claimed only prescription drugs were found near his body when he was discovered by his mother shortly before 2pm at her Saratoga home.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious and is seen as a tragic end to a stormy life.

Tandy was never able to regain control of his life after he was banned from the NRL for match fixing in 2012.

Last year he was arrested for driving an unregistered car and possession of drugs.

In January he faced court charged with kidnapping a man over an alleged unpaid drug debt.

It was alleged Tandy was acting on orders from a bikie gang, for which he worked as a debt collector and standover man.

A police media spokesman issued a holding statement last night: “About 2pm today police from Brisbane Water Local Area Command were called to a home at Saratoga after reports a man had died. His death was not being treated as suspicious and a report will be prepared for the coroner.’’

Tandy was thrust into the headlines when he was accused of fixing a game involving Canterbury and North Queensland in August 2010. He was arrested in February 2011 and despite pleading not guilty, Tandy was found guilty of match fixing and banned for life from the NRL in 2012.

Evidence during his trial revealed that of the bets placed on the game’s firstscoring option with the TAB, 95 per cent were on the unusual, but more lucrative, choice of a penalty goal.

Minutes into the game Tandy failed to get off a ballrunner and was penalised.

Tom Rogic ignoring Socceroos hype as Australia camp prepares for Brazil in Gosford – World Cup 2014

Where you lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our Socceroo Heroes training in our own backyard?

Of all the young faces in the Socceroos squad, no-one is surrounded by more hype than Tom Rogic, but the playmaker insists he does not feel the weight of expectation.

The 21-year-old former Central Coast Mariners player was back where it all began on Sunday, training in Gosford with the 15 other Socceroos already in camp.

Tim Cahill, Matthew Spiranovic, Matthew Leckie and Ben Halloran will join the group on Monday with the rest of the 30-man preliminary World Cup squad arriving during the week.

With nine international appearances, Rogic is the most capped of the young brigade in the squad.

Since his Socceroos debut in 2012 he has been considered a star in the making with coach Ange Postecoglou declaring him a “leading light” as he attempts to rebuild the side.

Now he is on the brink of getting to showcase his exciting, dynamic style on the greatest stage of all in Brazil.

But Rogic says he is not taking any notice of what the public expect of him.

“All the outside influence, I can’t control it,” he said on Sunday.

“You guys can say what you want and have your fun but I just keep focusing on myself.

“I set goals and targets within myself and I know where I want to be, what my targets are and as long as I’m on track then I’m happy.

“I keep my targets to myself, that’s it.”

Playing at a World Cup is no doubt one of those targets.

Postecoglou has played Rogic in both of his games at the helm so far against Coast Rica in November and Ecuador in March.

But with seven players still facing the axe with the final 23 to be named on June 2, Rogic says he is not getting complacent.

“You look at Ange’s past couple of teams he has a big emphasis on youth,” he said.

“At the same time it’s only if they are doing the job and performing well.


Beyonce’s Angel – Chelsea James Dies Overnight


A Newcastle girl who captured hearts after she joined Beyonce onstage, has died overnight.

Chelsea James, who suffered from a rare form of cancer since she was four, became an online sensation after being serenaded at a concert in 2009.

Chelsea had been given a grim diagnosis a few weeks ago, and was taken to John Hunter Children’s Hospital on Monday afternoon, after asking to spend Sunday night in a hotel with her mum.

She died surrounded by her family.