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TIN Surveyors LogoTrehy Ingold Neate Medium Business of the Year

Adopting a one-stop shop, holistic approach, five departments work collaboratively to offer the full spectrum of land development services including surveying,engineering design, planning, drafting, project management and strata certification.

Commentingon their success, Director, Michael Neate said, Our sales graph for the periodfrom 2007 -2012 shows that we managed to sustain and even increase our revenuein 2011 post GFC. Importantly, we have also retained our staff members, a fact we are very proud of and believe few in this industry could attest to.

Kellie Hassab, Director said, We were so proud to be announced as winner of the Central Coast Excellence in Medium Business Award. The award is a significant milestone in our companys 32 yearhistory and a great recognition for the companys past and present Directorsand staff members. We really enjoyed the challenge of reviewing our business and taking the time to stop, assess, reflect on and be proud of our achievements.

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Google: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores [Study]

Central Coast SEO Updates.

Local Central Coast SEO company reveal the real benefits of how customers act after local search from their tablet or smartphone..

Searches with local intent are more likely to lead to store visits and sales within a day. New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search, while 34 percent of consumers on tablets or computers will go to a store.

And Google says these people are ready to buy once they are in a store, as 18 percent of local searches lead to sales, compared to 7 percent for non-local searches.

Google’s new studylooks at local search intent and resulting action – what information people seek when they perform a local search or are on a particular device, and how that affects their decisions and purchasing behavior.

Participants in this study voluntarily completed an online survey or logged their smartphone search and in-store activities via a mobile diary.

What Google found was that four out of five people surveyed used search engines to conduct local searches. Eighty-eight percent used smartphones and 84 percent used a computer or tablet.

These people are searching for business hours, directions to a local store, product availability, or the local store address, according to the study.

Consumers said they would buy in the store versus online if they:

And 15 percent of in-store activities involved smartphone searches about a product or price comparison.

When it comes to how users interact with local-focused pay-per-click ads, more than 60 percent in the study said they used the local information found in an ad. Of that local info:

To improve the ad experience, those surveyed said they wanted ads customized to their location. Seventy percent of computer and tablet users and 61 percent of smartphone users said they want ads customized to their immediate surroundings.

Local ads can also capture customers unexpectedly. Nineteen percent of the people studied made unplanned visits to a store and made a purchase as a result of a location-based advertisement.

For more information on how to rank your website for local search results visit the website: http://www.smartwebsolutions.com.au/


Nokia Lumia 520 Stops A Bullet, Saves A Police Officer

This looks like a job for the Gadget Doctor

We all put our phones in different places on our person. Some people prefer keeping it in their pockets on the side, some prefer keeping it at the back, some prefer putting it in their shirt pocket.

Others factor keeping it in a bag. Well it turns out that one off-duty policeman’s choice to put his Nokia Lumia 520 in his back pocket might have saved him from serious injury.

According to a report by Brazilian newspaper, Globo.com, and off-duty Sao Paulo policeman was visiting his family, whom at that time were held hostage and was being robbed by armed criminals.

Upon seeing the policeman, they shot at him. One shot missed him but the other caught him in the buttocks where his Lumia 520 took the brunt of the damage, thus leaving him relatively unscathed.

The good news is that while the police officer was not injured, the robbers managed to get away with stolen cellphones, watches, jewelry, and money. This isnt the first time weve heard of our phones saving lives.

In the past we have come across stories in which our phones took bullets for us and in one instance, saved a soldier from potential injury by taking shrapnel from a bomb.

We have to wonder if Microsoft, Nokias new owner, will be sending his police officer a brand new phone. After all it does make for great publicity, doesnt it?