House to be ‘completely demolished’

Clap of thunderThe State Emergency Services were called out to a local residence in Saratogo at 7:00 am on Tuesday to help with a property where the roof had collapsed

It was like a War Zone, says Bayard Atkinson.

The lady was evacuated from her property, emergency services inspected nearby properties where severe damage had also resulted in further evacutations being needed in the area.

The Davistown area took a severe beating from the heavy rains and gale force winds resulting in large trees falling down throughout the suburbs of Saratoga and Davistown, one particularly large tree resulted in blocking the intersection of Davistown Rd, and Malumba Ave.

In particular DONNA LEATON and her three daughters had a narrow escape when a huge tree fell and demolished their Saratoga home as they slept.

“It was probably about 3.30am or so and I was woken by what was a large clap of thunder,” Ms Leaton said.

“It was storming and the wind was howling.”

“But then I heard the sound of tiles breaking and, all of a sudden, debris was falling all over me.”

Struggling to understand what was happening, Ms Leaton scrambled from her bed to find a huge tree had fallen and demolished the roof, causing extensive damage.

“I found my daughter Georgie, 16, who had been asleep in another bedroom and it took us a few moments to realise what had happened and that we were both safe,” Ms Leaton said.

Meanwhile, Ms Leaton’s other daughters Holly, 15, and Meg, 14, had been sleeping in a granny flat at the rear of the property.

“The noise woke the other girls and all they could see was a huge tree covering the house and no sign of me or Georgie,” she said.

“They were terrified and called for an ambulance.

“Georgie and I had to climb through the branches of the tree out the back door to get out of the house and it was very emotional when we realised all four of us were safe.”

The granny flat was undamaged.

Ms Leaton and her daughters fled to the nearby home of her ex-husband where they took refuge for several hours.

“I was in shock — I didn’t even think to call anyone,” Ms Leaton said.

“All I could think of was — we’re all safe, we’re all safe.”

Ms Leaton has only owned the house since February and had begun work on adding to renovations the previous owner had started.

“We are insured but all that really matters is that none of us was hurt,” she said.